Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Wanna Be an MUA - Michael DeVellis & Crystal Wright Edition-Part I

The NYC Makeup Show is RIGHT around the corner as I am sure most of you know and it is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in getting started as a makeup artist to soak up as much knowledge and technique as they can as well as for those more seasoned artists to learn about the latest products available and also brush up on their skills.

I, unfortunately will not be able to make it to NY this weekend (believe you me I really tried to make it happen) because my first movie is premiering on Sunday (YAY!), but I really wanted to share this post in order to encourage you to get as close to front row center for this seminar as you can. Even if there arent any seats left, STAND UP and pay very close attention to the knowledge that will be dropped on you.

Michael DeVellis of the Powder Group and Crystal Wright of the Crystal Agency are two people that you want to know and want to learn from. A lot of what they tell you is just common sense but you would be surprised at how much of it you didnt even think of. For instance, be in control of your business, be where people can focus on you, know your audience, be committed, understand your business, be PUNCTUAL! I mean hello??? The stories that they used to convey these simple yet powerful messages of how you can be successful as a makeup artist will make you laugh but at the same time you are thinking would someone really do that???? They did, learn from their mistakes!

Michael and Crystal wanted to let us know that a lot of people may get into the business for the wrong reasons. Yes, it can be glamorous but it is a LOT of hard work. You do NOT have a day off and it is not for the faint of heart. You have to hustle every single day and you need to keep you pipeline full. If makeup is indeed your passion that is fine - do it, but you better do it well!

One of the MOST important ideals to impart when building your brand is that of relationship building. Billy B touched on this in his seminar as well (you can read about it here, here and here). Once you understand the dynamics of relationship building you are well on your way (here's a hint: Impart the rule of 9!).

Once you make a connection - make it memorable for the person you met. Introduce yourself as Makeup Artist (insert name here) or (insert name here), Makeup Artist, keeping in mind that you are your brand so image is important no matter how superficial that may seem. Be generous, meaning if you are meeting an artist that you would like to assist do not be all about you. How can you help them? Do your homework. Say what you can do for the artist that you want to assist. Be consistent, and be repetitive (this goes back to the rule of 9 - learn it!).

When you have met the person/people remember that the business card you give is not important, its the one you get. Make sure you follow up with a link to your site (you do have a site dont you???), send a PERSONALIZED thank you card, NO EMAIL, NO TEXT! (GASP!)

If this is someone that you have met before, always reintroduce yourself. It is your job to remind someone who you are. If someone forgets you look at it as an opportunity and approach in a different way each time.

Again, a lot of these things seem matter of fact but you should know them and know them back and forth so that to call them into recollection is second nature. Stay tuned for part two - where Michael and Crystal give advice on what you should include in your portfolio!

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