Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi-lights from The Makeup Show LA

I know, I know – Johnita come lately here, but better late than never.  As you know I attended The Powder Group’s Makeup Show and it was in a word…AMAZING!


Amidst my excitement at the array of products and educational options I managed to do a bit of hobnobbing with some beauty stars (they are stars to me ok?!) 


Here I am with Felicia of This That Beauty – her personality is just as beautiful as she is!


YouTube fanatics know this young lady needs no intro but just in case, this is the lovely Lauren better known as Queen of Blending. Her makeup was beautiful but really would you expect anything less?

I attended the Blogger Forum (blogging is a phenomenon right now!) and had the chance to see these lovely ladies in action:


Elke Von Freudenberg, Felicia of This That Beauty, Vanessa of Nessasary Makeup and Robin of Purely Cosmetics.  Very knowledgeable and open about how they achieved such successful blogs.

And you know the trip just wouldn't be complete without some celebrity artist sightings!


BILLY B!!!!!  Everything you have ever read/heard about him is absolutely accurate!  LOVE HIM!  More on his keynote later…


AJ CRIMSON!!!!!  I asked him whatever happened with his blog because we miss it!  He explained that he is currently on tour with the ever so stylish and talented Estelle so jet setting around the country doesn't leave much time to keep us updated I'm sure.  He says he hopes to pick it back up soon.  We will be waiting AJ!  Isn't he fab?!  More on what's in my pretty little bag later…

I was EXTREMELY excited to see this next person, so much so that I got a mean case of starstruckedness (I know its not a word LOL) and didn't get up the nerve to go talk to him, more than anything its because my face looked like a disco ball from Studio 54 and I didn't want to embarrass myself.  HA! 


Its MAXIE!!!!!  I SO could've talked to him for hours on end about his accessories alone from his turn on Blush but again, star struck!  And look its Lauren again! 

I also saw the flawless Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race but I was running to class and couldn’t locate my camera buried in the bottom of my bag for nothing.  Darn!  Just know her face was beat down within an inch of its life!  Que Bella as my friend Tee would say!  :-)

Of course you know this is merely a preview, much more to come from my adventures in Cali land including the invaluable must-know advice for up and coming artists that was given during the weekend.

Talk to you soon!

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