Friday, February 27, 2009

The Truth About Neutrogena Skincare

Earlier this year I consulted with the very knowledgeable Mischo Beauty about implementing a skincare regimen to tackle some issues I was facing. What I appreciated the most was that she recommended a range of products that could fit into whatever budget I was willing to work with. I decided to tackle drugstore beauty first.

To give you some background my skin has a tendency to produce quite a bit of oil in the t-zone area (forehead, nose, chin) maybe about 5-10 minutes post cleansing. If I am wearing makeup it is a MUST that I carry a touchup powder with me or it is shine city! My breakouts are not concentrated in a certain area, they happen whenever, however and wherever they want, although in the summer months I tend to have a slightly easier time with this.

In my quest for naturally flawless skin (I can beat the face down when need be dont let the smooth taste fool ya) I want to tackle the pores on my cheeks, the gunk on my nose (scientific terms HA!) the occassional breakouts and just the overall brightness of my skin.

Neutrogena seemed like a good place to start. They have a variety of products and they usually deliver what they promise. Here is what I picked up:

I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed with the options for a cleanser. I wanted something to just say Combination skin so I could just pick it and go, but alas that wasnt possible, so I opted for good ol' Liquid Neutrogena. I dont have any outstanding praise or raves about it. It cleanses my skin, it doesnt make it feel too dry. I am satisfied, but I will probably try something that is specifically formulated for my skin type next time.

The Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask is wonderful! First of all its a two in one product, uh yeah, we'll take it! I do happen to use it for both also. When my skin freaks out I alternate between this and the Liquid Neutrogena as a cleanser. It gives a nice tingle but its not overbearing and it also has tiny granules that provide a slight scrubbing action without being too abrasive. On Sundays, I use it as a mask.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the alcohol free toner! I think it has something to do with me remembering my teenage years and using Seabreeze for EVERYTHING and probably shouldnt have. I am not going to talk bad about Seabreeze because it serves a purpose and yes I know it is not a toner, but back in the day I didnt know any better ok? :-( No sad faces for this product here. I use it immediately after I cleanse and its wonderful. Alcohol free and just gives me the once over, removing any residue that I missed. Again LOVES IT!

I am a little on the fence about the Oil Free Fresh Moisture. Its in the same vein as the Liquid Neutrogena for me. It does what it claims but there is no wow factor. As I mentioned in a previous post I have since replaced this with my Bioelements moisturizer but I did use it for a little over a month. I dont have any complaints but I probably wouldnt purchase it again. My skin didnt really fall in love with it, kinda like they went on a few dates and parted amicably.

So there's my rundown - I would say if you were to pick which of these to purchase it would definitely have to be the Clear Pore Cleanser Mask with the Alcohol Free Toner being a very close second.

I tried some products from the Neutrogena skin care line and the truth is I am happy with the results! Since implementing this skincare regimen they have been promising. I do notice that my skin is brighter. Pores are not completely minimized but they are on their way. My skin freaked out mid-month but I blame that on a new hair product I tried. I can honestly say that the changes in my skin can be mostly attributed to these products because i have not been drinking my water as much as I shouldve been. Next on my skincare agenda is the department store level. Will a department store brand prove to work better than a drugstore brand? Stay tuned to find out!

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