Friday, February 27, 2009

FOTD - Valentines Day Feb 2009/Surprise Treat!

Ok Ok Ok, so I havent had a FOTD in a while. My bad. I have been giving my skin a break by just doing mascara, liner and a lip product. The last time I really did a full face of makeup was on Valentine's Day...oh the horror! My skin is much more happy though.

Here is a background on that day in case you care..."the sig" made reservations at Ruth's Chris for 9:45p *insert blank stare here* so we had a LOT of time to kill before then. Initially I wanted to attend the International Food and Wine Festival but you know money is TIGHT these we opted to chill at the ESPN Zone. We get a table and are perusing the menu when out of nowhere this lady comes up to us and says she has tickets to a show up the street but its over at 6p so if we wanna go we need to leave now. She is closest to "the sig" so I couldnt see the tickets and she didnt say what the show was so I am giving her a mean side eye like ok what is this about? So finally "the sig" asks what the show is and she says the wine festival! OMG YAY!!! Two free tickets to the wine festival and it was only like 4:15p so we have a little under two hours left to partake and yes we were right up the street from it so we grabbed our coats and made our way over there. Random acts of kindness from complete strangers and it was so right on time. You gotta love it!

So we get to the Ronald Reagan Building and it was PACKED and I have to admit I was very intimidated. I love wine, dont get me wrong ("the sig" does not but he went anyway, gosh I love him!) but it was so much to take in and I am still learning so yeah. Anyway we grabbed our complimentary wine glasses and made our way around. We sampled quite a few but I fell in love with one red (Nero) and one white (Riesling). *I will have to update this later with the brands since I dont have the info at hand.*

They also had Tommy Bahama Rum there...brief intermission here - I couldnt understand why I kept seeing people who appeared to be drunk out of their minds. I mean its wine and yes wine can have an effect after a while but the tastings being given werent even a quarter of a glass, like you got a sip and that was it! These folks I saw were sloshed! We realized why once we saw the rum. LOL, ok back to the story...First of all the line to sample the two drinks they were making was hella long but of course we got in it anyway, of course. You talking about tasty? Mmm mmm mmm. One was called a frostbite and the other was a drink that had cider in it that you could also have warm (thats what the rep told me). That Frostbite was STRONG! There were these drunk folks who kept cutting the line and getting more and more...ok I admit i had a few...ok more than a few, but so did everyone else I swear!

Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves at the Wine Fest and after we started feeling the effects of our sampling we stumbled on back to ESPN Zone to waste more time before dinner at Ruth's Chris. Here are a couple of pics of my look for that day. Sorry I dont have the product list either, I promise to be on point next time.

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