Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Truth About LUSH products...

I tried a few LUSH products and the truth is...


Now I have known about LUSH cosmetics for a few years now but was so overwhelmed by the products offered that I didn't know where to start. I signed up for the newsletter, perused the site, read the reviews, I even passed along the good news to my mom. She went before I did and raved about the service and products. Still I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge.

Well this past weekend "the sig" and I were in Georgetown for a little couple time so I said ok I am finally going in this store! We took our time looking at everything they had to offer, and listened in on a few customers conversations with the sales associates. Everyone shopping had baskets filled to the brim, while my basket was still empty...

I love the indulgence of baths, however I dont get the time for that luxury often so I passed on the array of bath bombs. I am in the process of testing some face products so I didnt want to add to that just yet. I finally settled on the holiday gift set Frosty the Snowman (while supplies last all the holiday gifts are 75% off - I paid a little under $4 for it) and one of their new products, Emotibomb called Sex in The Shower.

The Frosty the Snowman kit came with a Frosty the Snowman Bubble Bar and an Ice Blue Soap. Now when I first started this blog I told you that I dont claim to be an expert on what I review, I just write about things I have tried and let you know my opinion on them...that said, in all my infinite wisdom (this is sarcasm people) instead of me finding out about the Bubble Bar or perhaps reading the little insert that came with the box that tells you how to use it, I took it upon myself to use it in the shower as a scrub...*insert blank stare here* Dont ask me, it was crumbly looking, it had some candy or something stuck in it and I figured oh this must be a scrub bar or something. Well you know what?! I am glad that I tried it that way cause it made my skin so smooth and soft and sweet smelling!!!! OMG! LOVED IT!!!! I even convinced "the sig" to use it too (he has been so supportive of my efforts but wants all to know that he is not a metrosexual LOL), the only reason I convinced him is because his back has been super itchy and I keep saying he needs to exfoliate, to which he always replies "what the hell is that?" while he is super engrossed in whatever sports related thing is on the tv...anyway, he said he could "feel some extra air on his back", which was a good thing to him...

Anyway, the soap is great too! Like it says on the site you can use it as a good pick me up in your morning shower and I thought it would also be good to use if you have a bit of a cold since its nice and minty. The combo of the two is great, but again I didnt use the Bubble Bar in the way that it was intended, just a little f.y.i.

The Emotibomb was a-ma-zing! I overheard the sales associate tell someone that she could break it in half so thats what we did -

brief interruption...we are all adults here, I hope...the product promotes conserving water so thats what we intended to do, no graphicness here people, just facts...back to the product review

It melted before we got in the shower good but it still left a nice scent in the air. I think next time I will go ahead and use the whole thing. It only cost $3.95 so it wouldnt really hurt the pockets too much as I dont think I would use it every single day. Just when I want to relax or just have a more indulgent shower.

All in all I would highly recommend LUSH products. I am not one for hype (at least not all the time), the products are actually really quite good and I will definitely be going back to stock up, "the sig" even wants me to pick up some more things. Female tested, guy approved!

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