Monday, January 26, 2009

The Truth About Blinc Resurf.a.stic Face

As I mentioned in an earlier post there is a Beauty 360 right across the street from my job. A welcome oasis to escape the hum drum day to day activities in the office, yes, but also tends to wreak havoc on my wallet, but I digress. During the grand opening week of Beauty 360 I was like a kid in a candy store. I went everyday that week and made a purchase from a different brand each time I went. On one such a day I was lucky to have some one on one time with the reps from Blinc, a company that was incorporated in 1999 and founded by a husband and wife team. How great it must be to have a husband that gets your love of beauty *swoon*.

I listened intently as they explained the concept of their mascara, the first of its kind to introduce the tube your lashes technology (review on this coming soon!), but the best part during that entire week of new product at Beauty 360 was when I was treated to a mini microdermabrasion demonstration by, get this, one of the founders of Blinc Cosmetics himself, the very charming Lewis Farsedakis (I found out it was him by perusing the site).

Farsedakis introduced me to the resurf.a.stic face, described by Blinc's website as a product that "Effectively minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun-damaged skin." During the demo the product was dipped in a bowl of water then massaged in a circular motion onto the back of my hand. He explained that you can vary the amount of pressure used to your level of comfort. Once he was done the area that he applied the product was unbelievably soft. At a price of $40, it isnt for the more frugal beauty lover but it is worth it, in my opinion.

I have been using it off and on for almost two months now, on a more frequent basis just recently. Initially I was intimidated because I think I applied too much pressure so my skin was a little unhappy about that, but blame that on me and not the product. After consulting mischobeauty about my skin care regimen she suggested how often I should use a scrub on my face and I finally perfected the art of using the resurf.a.stic. My skin is definitely happy now and on its way to being the best I know it can be.

The resur.a.stic face is chock full of natural, soothing ingredients such as aloe, cucumber and vitamin E. Not to mention the ingenious packaging. With two little ones, I dont need a beauty product to add to the messes I have to clean up on a day to day basis, and this one keeps everything nice and neat!

So if you have ever pondered the idea of trying microdermabrasion but couldnt bring yourself to shell out between $75-$300 at a spa or doctor's office, then I would say give this product a try. If you have a Beauty 360 in your area then great, you can just pop in and grab one (plus they give you awesome gifts with purchase), if not the Blinc website makes it easy for you to order online.

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