Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BH Cosmetics x Missy Lynn palette

As noted in the video this palette has been on my radar for quite some time but for whatever reason I was not eager about spending money on it.  I got the whole support a sista angle but the colors did not jump out at me.  If you are a lover of cosmetics as I am then you totally understand.  For those that do not, simply put, the more sparkly and bright, the better.  This palette was neither.  But do not let that deter you...allow me to explain...

We are in a season of all things (cheek) highlight and rose gold in the land of beauty so for those reasons the palette fits the bill.  If you are looking for something to throw in your purse that can take you seamlessly from day to night then you got it with this product.

Pros:  affordable(currently on sale for $8.95), travel friendly, bang for your buck, WOC friendly

Cons: lack of variety in shade offering

All in all I recommend the palette.  Yes in order to support a sista in a venture not afforded to most but also because I really think it is user friendly for a novice as well as gets the job done for an aficionado.  Check out the video for swatches and more about what I felt when first trying the palette.

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