Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tough as Nails: Glitter Gel

Tumblr and Instagram provide me with endless inspiration for a number of things from recipes to home decor to fashion.

As of late I have been coming across beautiful works of art being done on nails.  Even better is that it's being done on natural nails! 

Now dont get me wrong I have seen some amazing faux nails as well but I havent done acrylic nails in a LONG time.  Once I figured out how to take care of my nails and saw that they could be healthy and grow I was all like ixnay on the acrylic-ay.

I have been saving my inspiration pics on my iphone attempting to get up the nerve to get an inspired mani.  Why am I so apprehensive about getting manicures at the same places I trust to do my pedicures?  Not so much nervous about the outcome as nervous about spending the money and the mani doesnt last and/or doesnt turn out the way I hoped. 

Well yesterday I said forget it.  I needed my pedi and my nails were a mess after using the Revlon 3D Nail Appliques - I swear those little stickers only last a good day before they start to peel off.  BLAH!  So I decided to go for it.  I showed the tech my inspiration pic and while yes there was a language barrier he seemed to be confident in completing the task at hand.
inspiration image (not sure where it came from but if it belongs to you please let me know so I can credit accordingly)   

my result...

Close but no cigar right?  I ultimately wanted something clean and cute and so I think this will suffice. 

I was thinking they would use the thin strips of gold/silver for the line but after practicing on his own nails (yes my nail tech had to practice doing the thin line on his nails before trying on me); he then decided it was too much to handle and gave the task over to another nail tech who just used the decorating nail polish that has that super thin brush to draw the line.  The glitter on the ring finger was done with the OPI gel polish and so its smooth to the touch. 

Though the design isnt spot on I am ok with it.  I also think I will try it again but perhaps at another nail spot only because he did my pedi as well and it was only ok, not nearly as relaxing when I went last week and had a different tech.

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