Thursday, September 27, 2012

When brushes attack

I don't know about you but when I purchase a makeup brush I use doesn't sit and look pretty in my vanity area, I'm not buying it as a collectors item, there is actual work to be done. Work of the makeup variety. Work as a makeup artist and with said brush.

So when I have a brush and it doesn't last long either by brush hairs beginning to fall out (I'm looking at you MAC #209) or the ferrule pops off (*cough* Sonia kashuk) or just turns out to be too scratchy to use on someone's face I chalk it up to wear and tear or me being el cheapo and trying to save a coin or two. You know, choosing quantity over quality.

Not too long ago I posted about a Sigma brush that decided to self destruct so while pissed, mainly because their whole claim to fame is quality of another brand at a fraction of the cost, I said ok Shana you can't be too mad because while they may be similar they are not in fact the same.

This time however it's an actual MAC brush, that are not at all cheap and for the whole brush head to come out is beyond me. So what's the deal here? Must I handle brushes with kid gloves? Am I too rough when cleaning? Are certain brushes only for show? (Again I'm looking at you #209) or is it that makeup is so popular and to meet the demand companies are beginning to sacrifice quality in favor of quantity...

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