Friday, June 15, 2012

Just Shana: NY Avenue Beach Bar

Upon my return from NY and the prospective job I went up for not panning out I wasnt in the best mood.  "The sig" picked up on it and so when he picked me up from Union Station he suggested we visit the brand new NY Avenue Beach Bar.  It was about 10:30p on Sunday and the bar was open until midnight so we went for it.

I did an impromptu interview with one of the managers and found out that the idea for this concept had been in the mind of another NY Avenue business owner for quite some time but never really put into production.  Upon meeting and getting to know the owners of the Beach Bar it began to really take shape.  Around October/November of 2011 the wheels were set in motion to make it a reality.

The great thing is it has the support of other business owners of very popular and successful spots in the DC area who have banded together to assist in the success of the new venture but I am certain they wont need much assistance as I see it taking off in a big way.

The sand is bought in from Ocean City, the food truck, Sundevich has amazing food at even better prices and the owner of the truck has huge personality to boot.  The drinks are potent and tasty and the price point is doable.  We had top shelf margaritas for $9.  There are three bars and one even has a frozen drink maker  - sand, sun and slushies?  yes please!  There is a fancy port a potty, friendly staff, great sounds provided by a DJ and beach appropriate games.

The owners are open to suggestions and have even recently implemented a movie night so I suggest you run, dont walk to the NY Avenue Beach Bar.  I will meet you there.  Swimsuits optional.  :)

inside the port o potty - fancy right?
port o potty photo op
late night sand and sip action
"the sig" in action
look for the sign!
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