Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just Shana: My Birthday 2012

I was a bit down on Friday, the day before, but my family made sure to change that on my actual birthday.

I've done the whole party, wasted, hangover thing in years past.  This year all I wanted was good food, my loved ones and relaxation.  And that's just what I got!  :)

Started the day getting "the sig" a new fancy phone.  Much needed and its super nice!  I used that time to put my son to work and made him snap a pic of my bday outfit.  I always wear black, grey and white, in the summer I add bits of color sometimes, so this color blocking thing was a stretch for me but I liked it.  My hair was all over the place, haven't had a chance to curl it yet.

Followed up the phone purchase with a brief walk around National Harbor which led to brunch at Sauciety located in The Westin.  Very good food!  "The Sig" had chicken and waffles, the kids had bacon and cheese sliders, I had shrimp, grits and more shrimp (that's the actual name) and my mom had the lobster and shrimp omelette.  We also had unlimited bellinis...wasn't expecting them to be so strong!

After that my mom got me a few outfits and we headed on home to sip mimosas, enjoy my fav snack and catch up on my dvr recordings while wearing my fav fluffly slippers and robe.

I had a great time.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  :)

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