Thursday, March 22, 2012

Diary of an MUA: BETs Rip the Runway

Finally I can talk about it! :)

As most of you know BETs Rip the Runway aired last night and I was honored to be part of the makeup artist team.  Aside from the excitement of participating (I got the call while doing my last NYFW show) I worked with a team of great artists who I'm happy to now call friends.

Above you see pics of the models I worked on and yes I stood in front of my tv this morning and took a pic of each one (let me have my moment!).  Do you see my models lipstick ring?  Yeah I need that asap!  Oh another aside about that particular model so that there is no confusion, initially she was not my model.  When I got upstairs for touchups I was told she had multiple outfit changes so she could not have a bold lip the entire time.  I think at first she had this super pale pink lip.  While she changed clothes I had to take that off and give her the more natural tone lip she wore with her orange outfit for the evening wear scene, then in between taping instead of going back to her original person she came to me and that's when I gave her the green lip.  One of our managing artists matted the color down for me while I did something else.  I just wanted to clear that up cause I don't want no foolery to pop off.  :)  teamwork makes the dream work!

Not sure if you all caught this but I was also seen on tv during the backstage moment LOL I was trying so hard to avoid those cameras but they were everywhere! 

Funny story-I was finishing up a model and talking to our Key Artist when they were calling for last looks before the first taping.  So I'm getting ready to go back to my station but then Dwight from RHOA, yes he was there too, was asking for artists to come backstage to do touchups, no one volunteers so I am standing there and he says ok come on honey you can come get your stuff.  LOL I didn't even have my credential for all access yet and he grabs my arm and says don't worry about it, you coming with me, its ok and whisks me away.  Ok can I say I love him?  LOL. He was so super sweet the entire time.  Very professional and actually took the time to come over to each of us that morning to introduce himself and chat with us.  He didn't have to do that at all and I really appreciated the fact that he did it.

So anyway that's my little moment, a big moment to me.  I'm still walking around with a goofy smile and looking forward to what's to come. 

Thanks to my friends and family for always supporting me and all the well wishes and encouragement.  This choice of mine isn't always easy, in fact I was in a major valley before the show aired but seeing my work on the small screen and remembering the day helped pull me out.  And so I continue on!  :)

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