Thursday, August 25, 2011

See Spot Run - How to get rid of hyperpigmentation

Not to sound all dramatic but dealing with hyper-pigmentation  is pretty much the bane of my adult existence.  Caused by increased melanin, those of us with darker skin tones such as Asian, Mediterranean and African are plagued by this darkening of certain areas of our skin and/or nails.  Sometimes the sun is the culprit but often times its due to an injury or inflammation of the skin.  The most common cause of course is a bout with acne...don't even get me started on that topic.

While it is a pain to deal with there are ways to ward off the dreaded spots.  First and foremost if we just exercise a bit of restraint and refrain from excessive touching of the skin during times of an acne outbreak, though hard to resist, it would save our skin from having to heal the darkened areas.

Also preparedness helps, if you know you will be in the sun, apply sunscreen/block beforehand.  Why not toss a sample size version in your makeup bag to take along just in case.  Also worth mentioning is that sun protection should be used all year round, not just when the rays are warm enough to rock tanks and shorts.

In the event that the warnings go ignored there is hope.  Home remedies in the form of avocado, lemon/lime juice and raw potato juice applied to the skin for about 10 minutes daily will aid in lightening.  Cocoa butter is a go to item for many as well.  There are also a number of products available over the counter at your nearest drugstore.  Of course all of these should be used in tandem with a diligent skincare routine to include exfoliation which will aid in the turnover of skin cells. 

As you all know I am currently using the Clarisonic along with an exfoliating cleanser that contains salicylic acid.  I just recently decided to up the ante and take charge of this skin of mine by adding a new product.  The Vichy ProEven Total Dark Spot Corrector retails for $42.50 and is said to be safe for sensitive skin, so much so that it can be used daily.  I just started using it so I can't report on how effective it is just yet but I will say that it is very hydrating and because I apply it with my nighttime skincare routine, when I wake up in the morning my skin has seemed a bit brighter, not as dull.

I will be reporting back on my results with this in a few weeks to let you all know if I notice a change in my hyper-pigmentation but if you can't wait and want to give it a try yourself you can pick up ProEVEN at any CVS, Walgreens or DuaneReed.  If you do decide to pick some up let me know how it works for you.  Or if you have a tried and true way of revealing your skin's glow let me know in the comments below - y'all see my rhyming skills?  :)

Disclosure: I was provided a sample of this product to try.  The views expressed in this post are my own and in no way influenced by said sample

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