Monday, August 15, 2011

Beauty Bulletin: MAC Matchmaster Foundation

Honesty Hour - I had a falling out with MAC foundation some time ago.  I mean they offer many formulations but at those moments when I had a model in my chair showcasing some of the deepest ebony tones in her flawless skin, the darkest shade available in my makeup arsenal from MAC couldn't cut it. 

Well I am pleased to report that MAC is listening to its consumers both professional and the everyday woman and will be releasing its Matchmaster Foundation which includes some of the lightest and darkest foundations ever! 

New technology, a new range of shades and a new way to categorize?  I'd say MAC has its gloves on and they are ready to rumble for their title as one of the most loved brands.  I cant wait to check this new foundation out and perhaps revamp my kit...again!

Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15
Suggested Retail Price $32.50 USD/$39.00 CDN
North America, September 22, 2011 at all M·A·C locations
International (excluding Asia), September 2011 at all M·A·C locations
International (Asia only), September 2012 at all M·A·C locations

Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15
Q&A with Jennifer Balbier and Nick Gavrelis

1. The Matchmaster shade names are different than M·A·C’s other foundations, why is this?
We wanted to differentiate Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15’s shade line-up from all of our other shade offerings with a system that would really signify increase by depth rather than undertone. We also believed it needed to be simple and straightforward, as well as easy to translate across all of the countries that we do business in. M·A·C Artists and customers alike will have no problem mastering Matchmaster’s shade nomenclature of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, etc… It is so easy to remember!

2. How were you able to create M·A·C’s lightest and darkest ever foundation colours? And why now?
Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15’s patented pigment technology is so effective that we were able to achieve our most versatile range of shades in M·A·C’s history. With this foundation, we can finally satisfy the requests of the many artists and customers around the world who felt they couldn’t ever find foundation shades light enough or deep enough.

3. How often do you think consumers should change their foundation? Should this change be based on a change in skin colour or does foundation expire?
Once opened, the average life span of a foundation is approximately 2 years but you should pay attention to any changes in colour, texture or smell as these could indicate that it is time for a new foundation. Also, women often switch their foundation formula and shade depending on the changes in climate and sun exposure that come with different seasons. Thanks to Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15’s formula, many women may find that they only need to switch shade if their skin depth level changes noticeably with exposure to sun.

4. Since Matchmaster contains Laminaria Saccharina Extract which minimize oil, what moisturizer would you recommend to use in conjunction with this foundation for those with dry skin?
The Laminaria Saccharina Extract in the formula is a gentle botanical extract that helps to calm oil in overactive skins. This extract will not dry out a normal to dry skin but for comfort, a dry or dehydrated skin type should always be properly moisturized. A moisturizer with emollient properties is a good choice.

5. How longwearing is Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15?
Thanks to a special combination of film formers and our new patented pigment technology, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 gives thin, flexible 8 hour wear with a vibrant, colour-true look.

6. Was Matchmaster trialed backstage during fashion weeks? What were the artists’ reactions?
Yes, Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 was trialed in February and March 2011 during New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. We were thrilled to hear and see the results – easy to achieve, flawless looking skin. Matchmaster Foundation in shade 1.0 was a lifesaver due to the large quantity of Eastern European and Russian models. Our artists were amazed at the natural and very fair looks they were able to achieve!

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