Tuesday, July 26, 2011

365 Days of Lip Looks - July 26, 2011 f. NYX Femme w/MAC Chestnut liner

*peeks in*  Don't look at me like that!  Do you know how difficult it is to rock a new lip each and every day and also document it?  Yes I know I have a lot of lip colors but its hard to break out of your comfort zone :(

ANYWAY...I am wearing a lip look today that is still in my realm of pink but a bit more bold.  It is NYX Femme lipstick.  While the color is shocking in the tube, the formulation of this particular lipstick is quite emollient which takes the color payoff down a bit.  I am definitely not saying that in a negative way.  If you want more POW for your pucker then it can definitely be layered and built up but for those who want a little something extra without being too over the top then one application will be plenty.  Of course, as always, for anyone wanting to tone it down even more you can apply it over gloss (I used Ruby Kisses Lip Salvation) or balm and also use it along with a lip liner as I did today with one of my staples, MAC Chestnut liner.  I actually would like to find a more suitable lip liner to use with this color as I think the hue was toned down a bit too much by using it.  See for yourself:

Cup Swatch - as you can see it reads very orange in the tube but more pink on...or in this case, off

and even more pink on my hand

In any event I like the color and as you all know you cant beat NYX Cosmetics prices.

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