Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Mehron Tattoo CoveRing

In the vid below I mentioned that I picked up the Mehron Tattoo CoveRing while at IMATS NYC for a bridal client because I had some tattoo cover work I needed to do for a few of the bridesmaids.

Well I did indeed put the ring to work and well... I will let the images tell the story before I add my two cents...

BEFORE: Very large tattoo and you cant see here but there are two medium sized images on either side of the name...

AFTER: 2nd bridesmaid from the front, as you can see the ENTIRE tattoo is covered!

I started this process by removing any excess oils from the skin using the Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths, once the tattoo area was dry I began applying the Mehron Tattoo CoveRing, which can be picked up here, with a brush in thin layers multiple times.  The CoveRing makeup is very thick in consistency as it provides maximum coverage however if you mix it on the back of your sanitized hand it will warm to the point where you can mix to get a better match to your client/yourself.  In between each application I set the layers with my Make Up Forever HD Powder .  Once I completely covered the tattoo I then went over it with a custom blend foundation to match the client's skin, for that I used my Graftobian foundation palette's (I have all 3).  Once her skin tone was achieved I then dusted once more with translucent powder and set it with the Mehron Barrier Spray.

All in all I was pleased with the Mehron Tattoo CoveRing.  Keep in mind that this is in no way an easy process.  It is very time consuming, at least for the type of cover job I had to complete which took a good hour at least!  So just be certain to plan accordingly.  I am now on a quest to find the ultimate tattoo cover products that can minimize time spent on the task itself.

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