Friday, December 10, 2010

Inspired FOTD -Sephora Holiday 2010 Catalog-Celebrate!

This video took me through some changes today.  The first song I used was Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, you know an oldie but goodie right?  Well, imagine my surprise at the video being blocked due to the copyrighted content.  Like for real YT?  is somebody really checking for Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam right about now besides me?  Either way ok I get it, duly noted, wont happen again, audio swap wins again!  Many of you, no doubt, have received the new Sephora 2010 Holiday catalog and you see all the extra yum inspiration photos and products to drool over.  Well, I was inspired by the cover of my catalog and wanted to re-create a look.  Here is the inspiration image:

And here is the vid of the re-creation along with pics of my completed look at the end of the vid

And a BB pic (sorry its so washed out, that flash is not to be played with)

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