Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh you still exist?

There is no need for me to even try to come up with a feasible reason as to why the posts are lacking so moving on...

Writing - Lets see whats been going on?  Oh, I attended the International Spa Association Convention 2010, which was held at The Gaylord at National Harbor so stay tuned both here and over here for reviews and product information.  I really had a good time.

Makeup - I FINALLY got back into color!  I was on a neutral/natural makeup look hard for a while but my colors were sad and lonely so I put them back to use and will be doing some FOTD's soon - I may even do a video here and there - remember those?  Hopefully I have gotten better o_O

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING my Black Opal Foundation stick.  I have perfected my foundation routine for my daily looks and its all thanks in part to the Black Opal Foundation stick in Hazelnut.  I think my foundation routine will be my first vid - may as well start with basics right?

Make up Artistry - I am still doing work as an MUA, in fact I recently had a bridal consultation and have another one in a few weeks, not to mention I will be shooting with three AMAZING photographers in the next couple of weeks as well so I will definitely keep you updated.  I took pics at the last bridal trial BUT I cant find my dag on camera cord.  It has been MIA for months now.  I guess I will break down and purchase another one.  As soon as I do I will upload the images to share.

Hair - I am still in the newlywed stage with this hair of mine.  Even bad hair days are good for me right now.  No need to "listen" to me drone on about it though - I have pics taken with my iTouch to share!  See for yourself (with commentary of course)

 So I have no idea why the pics are uploading sideways because when I view them on my computer they are right side up...thanks Blogger :eyeroll - anyway this was a "bad hair day" but not really.  Had some new growth and needed maintenance I guess so I just pinned it up a little and went on my way.

 On my way to a wedding - this is my first pro updo!  Whoo hoo!!!  I loved it and I got so many compliments with this style.  Proof positive that baby locs CAN be styled - how bout that?!

 I have taken my hair down out of the wedding style and it is running wild and free and I have to admit I am really feeling it.  "The Sig" even said to me this morning in his best DC slang voice "aye, your hair look like dat!"  For those that dont know DC slang that is a major compliment. LOL  In the five years we have been together he has NEVER said that about ANY hairstyle -  weaved up, cut up, braided up, curled up, nothing.  He has said my hair looks nice or gave me a whistle but never the accolades of today.  So I was "ji siced a lil sum'n" Gold star for Shana! *wink* HA!

So hopefully with the next post I will have right side up images and vids and the whole 9.  Thanks for sticking with me through it all and we will chat soon!

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