Friday, July 16, 2010

The Truth About Sonia Kashuk Out of the Woods Brush Set

This originally started out as a mobile posting but since Blogger obviously doesnt want me to blog unless I am sitting in front of a computer screen that didnt work out so well. 

I didnt forget about the other posts featuring the KJB words of wisdom.  I hope to have that up before the weekend is out since I have a wedding party I need to prep for tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.

I picked up this Sonia Kashuk Out of the Woods brush set from Target a few weeks ago and so far so good!  The large powder brush is a bit scratchy as is the smaller blush brush.  Though they are both the perfect size I wouldn't get your hopes up for a super soft application. Next in line is the crease brush and I LOVE it! Like seriously its my HG brush, each day I use it.  Its the perfect size for my crease.  The shadow brush does well enough but its not giving me shortness of breath over its awesomeness (just sayin).  The concealer brush is actually pretty good and lastly there's this tiny smudge brush.  I honestly wasn't too wowed by it at first and I didn't even really reach for it.  I thought it was just so so but I can admit when I am wrong and now think its great for use under the eye.  In addition to the brushes you get a little clutch that looks like corkboard, cute idea, def goes with the theme but I haven't put it to use.  In fact I think one of my friends may have it in her possession now, so at least its getting used!

I tried the Sonia Kashuk Out of the Woods brush set and the truth is for $19.99 you can't beat it.  It would be great for a beginner set or a travel set.  I don't think it would be ideal for everyday use (aside from my baby the crease brush of course), the white or black handled full size brushes would be best for that.

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