Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Wanna Be An MUA: Kevin James Bennett edition-Part 1!

See how excited (and crazy) I look in this photo?  That excitement is genuine and is still present today as I think about all that I learned in the 'Perfect Portrait' workshop with the AMAZING Kevin James Bennett!

Now I am sure that all of you know who this gorgeous man is (he is my new boo as you can tell LOL) formerly of Make Up For Ever fame but he is so much more than that. 

I think I have said this before but every artist I have had the pleasure of learning from thus far - Billy B, Michael Devellis, Sam Fine, Eve Pearl, Orlando Santiago, Jon Hennessey, etc - have all been so down to earth, so willing to share their insider tips and just their story in general that it continues to push me forward in my craft because I feel that I am that way.  I dont have time for being stuck up.  We can all make it and be successful in this as long as we are not above learning, networking and leaving our egos at the door.  As KJB said this weekend "we are the hired help" but more on that later.

In this 2-day workshop day one was all about sitting down as a group (there were I think 11 of us) and getting to know each other, our backgrounds and where we want to go, how to make it in this area in particular but as an mua overall and refocusing/condensing our kits.  Today's post will be about getting to know the man behind the KJB fame.

Kevin was a performing arts major in college, if you have ever met him you can totally see why, he mostly focused on set design and upon graduation took a job in visual at Bloomingdales during its hey day.  After a while he was promoted to Manager of Cosmetics & Fragrance department where he learned that due to cross-marketing the mannequins were painted with actual makeup, this way the makeup company could get window advertising also.  Part of KJB's college curriculum was theatre makeup so because of this his manager said he was perfect to get the models all set for the windows, a lightbulb went off in Kevin's head and from there the makeup artist in him was born!

He has done just about all that a makeup artist can do in his/her career short of having their very own cosmetic line (don't count him out on that just yet since he has SO much product knowledge but right now since he is a "product whore" - his words, not mine, he isnt quite ready to take that leap).  He has done retail, his first trainer job was with Chanel cosmetics, from there he went to salon work, reality tv, soap operas, prime time tv where he did FX work, the list is extensive.  In his own words "if it didnt hurt me, I basically said yes."  I love him for that because that is me all the way!

Kevin told us that you have to "do something every single day to further your career" and that does not  necessarily mean something on set...

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we get a bit more into his advice for being successful in the industry.

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